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The holiday is over and it’s time to go back to school again. Time to see all you friends again and the (new) teacher(s). This is always an exciting time and you want to be well prepared for the first day. Make sure you eat your breakfast, the most important meal of the day! Pack your school bag with your books, pens, pencils and don’t forget your lunch.

On your first day of school and the rest of the school year, you don’t want to lose any of your cool school supplies. Make it super easy to recognize your own supplies by adding your name and/or photo to them! This will make your school supplies look super cool and they can’t be confused for someone else’s!

Pencil case

On moments you need a pen or pencil you somehow can’t find one. How come pens and pencils always get lost so easily? Because you didn’t put them in your own personalised pencil case! Now that we’ve solved that mystery let’s focus on creating the most amazing pencil case your school has ever seen. Pick your favorite photo of you and your friends, your pet, your idol or sports team and have it printed on the pencil case. Do you prefer to add text to your pencil case? No problem at all! In our user friendly editor it is super easy to create your very own unique pencil case.

Drawing set

Are you ready to take the ordinary pencil case to the next level? Step into the magical world of the drawing set! Looking for a pen? It’s in the drawing set! Looking for a felt tip pen? It’s in there! Need to draw a super straight line? Guess where you can find the ruler? That’s right, this drawing set is a true lifesaver. It’s the perfect gift for all creative kids. With the drawing set the little artists can draw masterpiece after masterpiece. Be prepared to have a lot of colorful drawings coming your way!

Lunch box

Learning makes you hungry! Make sure your kids eat a healthy lunch by packing them all they need in their own lunch box. No need to worry about them losing their lunchbox anymore. With a little help from YourSurprise you can create a lunchbox that is so cool they will love bringing it to school every day. With your own fun photo and a colorful design from the editor you design the lunchbox yourself. With your own name and photo on your lunch box you will be the one who turns lunch time in a little party!

Personalised tablet case

Do your kids get homework and they need a little help from the internet to complete it? With a little help of a tablet they will get good grades every time. Accidents happen so it’s best to be prepared for them. Make sure you have a case around your tablet to protect it from falling, bumping and scratches. Make your tablet case unique by designing it yourself with a photo or text of your choice. Who are you going to surprise with this amazing personalised tablet case?
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