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Turning 50 is a milestone! This means you'll need a beautiful, personal gift for the occasion. Surprise them with a gift created especially for them, such as an engraved tea gift or wine featuring a personalised label. Browse all of the brilliant possibilities and create yours now.

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Original 50th birthday gifts

Time flies and without realising it, you're turning 50 years old. A very important milestone, after many adventures and experiences. This is exactly why it should be celebrated with a gift specially designed for the occasion! Don't worry if you don't have any ideas, because we've got you! In fact, here at YourSurpise, we have the best gifts for any moment and each gift can be personalised to fit the recipient and occasion.

50th birthday gifts

Have you been invited to a 50th birthday party for an acquaintance or relative? It will certainly be a special party, with food, toasts, music and lots of gifts from the guests... Stand out with an extra special gift, such as a fantastic personalised glass with an engraved name or text, or a luxurious fountain pen.

50th birthday gifts for mum

Mum, one of the most important people in your life, is about to turn 50! Surprise her with a gift that excites her, such as a photo album of all of your favourite photos together. Or, if your mum enjoys at least a cuppa a day, surprise her with a personalised mug.

50th birthday gifts for dad

It's not always easy to show our dads affection, but even a small gesture can make all the difference. A unique gift is a great idea, especially for his 50th birthday! Out of ideas? No problem, we can recommend gifts that will impress any father, such as an engraved leather apron featuring his name or an excellent wine, beer or spirit gift with personalised label or packaging.

Delicious 50th birthday gifts

Who said that you can't be a chocoholic at 50? If you know someone who is celebrating their 50th birthday and is a great lover of chocolate, you should definitely check out our personalised chocolate gifts. Some of our favourites are the XXL Milka bar and our delicious heart-shaped chocolates. Personalise with a photo, name or text to make it unique.

50th birthday gift ideas

Haven't found the right gift yet? YourSurprise is here to help you! You can find the perfect gift on our website, suitable for any person and at any budget, so you're sure to put a smile on the birthday boy's face. Don't forget to add a greeting card! There are many different greeting cards available, as well as our cool video card!

What are some tips for personalised 50th birthday gifts?

Explore our tips to find the ideal gift that will bring smiles and joy to any 50th birthday celebration. When choosing a gift for someone turning 50, it's important to choose something with meaning. Here are some tips for great personalised 50th birthday gifts:

  • Personalised wine glasses - Give them a luxurious experience with a set of wine glasses engraved with their initials or a special message
  • Photo book of life's moments - Collect all the unforgettable memories from the last 50 years in a personalised photo book
  • Engraved leather book - Give book lovers an elegant leather book with a special message or name engraved on the cover
  • Luxury wine opener - Make it easy for them to enjoy a bottle of wine with a stylish engraved wine opener
  • Personalised wall clock - Add a personal touch to their home with a wall clock printed with their favourite photo
  • Cushion with name - Give them a cosy and personalised gift with a cushion with a special message

What to give to a best friend turning 50?

When you celebrate your best friend turning 50, it's a wonderful opportunity to spread joy and memories. Choose a gift that brightens the day and emphasises how much their friendship means to you.

How about a heartwarming photo book filled with photos and memories of their amazing friendship? If your friend loves snacks or you both enjoy wine tasting, choose a special gift basket filled with the anniversary celebrant's favourite wine and a variety of sweets to celebrate the good times together.

And what about a beautiful piece of jewellery with a personalised engraved message or symbol that symbolises the strong bond you share?

Creative personalised 50th birthday gifts

When it comes to finding a creative 50th birthday gift, you may want to explore unique and personalised options. At YourSurprise, you'll find a wide range of original gifts that will delight everyone.

Surprise with an elegant wine cooler that adds a luxurious touch to the celebration. Or how about giving them a gorgeous coffee cup with a fun image, perfect for starting the day with a smile and a cup of their favourite coffee?

What is an original and personalised 50th gift?

Finding the perfect 50th anniversary gift can seem challenging, but with a little creativity and thoughtfulness, you can delight that special someone with something truly unique.

Surprise your 50-year-old with a personalised bathrobe, embroidered with their initials for an extra touch of luxury and comfort. Or how about giving them a barbecue set, complete with engraved name, perfect for outdoor gatherings and cosy summer days?

With a wide assortment of great gifts ranging from personal to practical, from humorous to heartwarming. The possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating a 50th birthday.

So take some time to explore these amazing gift ideas and get inspired. Create unforgettable moments with a 50th birthday gift that will give the lucky recipient lasting memories. Make their 50th birthday a celebration they'll never forget!

Tips for 50th birthday gifts

It's always nice to be able to give a gift that suits the celebrant's personality, tastes and preferences. If you need inspiration, take a look at the gifts we have listed below.

  • Notebook with name and photo for the diary writer
  • Cosy dressing gown with name to snuggle up in on weekends
  • Personalised photo book with shared memories
  • Engraved leather wallet for the man who has everything
  • Personalised beer gift set for the beer lover
  • An engraved pendant or jewellery with photo

Whether the 50th birthday gift you want to give is exclusive, fun or practical, at YourSurprise we have the right surprise for you to give.

What's a good gift for a best friend turning 50?

You might not give underwear or a bathrobe to someone who is just an acquaintance. However, it can be perfectly fine for a best friend. A luxurious kimono and skincare set is a perfect 50th birthday gift for the best friend who enjoys splendour and luxury. For the gentleman who likes to relax with a whisky and a cigar, an engraved whisky glass and an elegantly engraved lighter can be a great gift.

Another great personalised 50th birthday gift for a friend who is turning 50 is to give them something they can use for their interest. Whether it's reading a good book on the sofa or going for a run in the woods, there are great gifts to give. A comfortable pillow and a soft fleece blanket with personalised photos on it is a great gift for the book lover. Water bottles and safety vests can be personalised with names and photos.

What are some fun 50th birthday gifts?

If someone close to you is turning 50 and you can joke around with them, you can invest in a funny 50th birthday present. Maybe a pair of thongs or boxer shorts with a photo on them, depending on who is getting the gift. If you want to spice it up, a bottle of YourSurprise - Vodka labelled Bottle of Bad Decisions is perfect. A gift that is guaranteed to make both the birthday person and the guests laugh.

Otherwise, photographs are always a good choice, whether printed on bags, chocolate boxes, watches or a jigsaw puzzle. At YourSurprise, we offer a wide range of gifts that you can personalise with fun photos.