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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a rum enthusiast, surprise them with their very own unique personalised rum gift featuring the name, photo, logo and/or text of your choice. Various rum brands available, with printed or engraved design.

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Personalised rum gifts

Rum is an alcoholic beverage of ancient origin, often associated with pirate raids in the Caribbean. Great explorers and writers have spoken of it, and today rum is known to be a delicious alcoholic beverage famous throughout the world. Whether you want to surprise someone special or buy a bottle of rum for yourself, a bottle of rum with personalised packaging is a fun gift for any occasion. What makes personalised rum so special? When you give a personalised bottle, you are not only giving a quality spirit, but you are also giving a thoughtful gift that has been tailor-made for the recipient.

Personalised rum gift set

At YourSurprise, you can choose from various bottles of rum which include a personalised gift box. We have the following options available: - Old Captain brown rum: With an alcohol content of slightly below 40%, Old Captain brown rum has a smooth character, with a delicious aroma and fruity notes of apricot and plum. - Old Captain white rum: This rum has a sweet and fruity aroma, with a smooth taste and a pleasant dry aftertaste. It comes from Jamaica and has an alcohol content of 37,5%. - Bacardi Carta Blanca rum: Bacardi rum is an aromatic white rum with hints of almond and vanilla. It is stored in white oak barrels and created with a secret charcoal mixture that gives it a characteristic smoothness.. The gift box included with each of these rum bottles can be personalised with a design of your choice, featuring a photo, collage, name and/or text. Simply select your favourite design or upload your own, and we will print it onto the gift box for you.

Personalised Peaky Blinders rum gift set

If you're a true Peaky Blinders fan or know someone who is passionate about history and television, you can't go wrong with our Peaky Blinders rum gift box, inspired by Britain's most famous gangsters. This beautiful gift set will leave the recipient speechless. The rum bottle contains a delicious spiced black rum, distilled with fragrant spices and hints of orange, nutmeg, cloves, vanilla and pineapple.

We offer 2 different types of personalised Peaky Blinders rum gift set:

- Rum gift set with engraved glass: Includes a wooden case, bottle of Peaky Blinders rum and a personalised engraved glass featuring your design, name and/or text of choice. - Rum gift set with engraved wooden case: Includes a bottle of Peaky Blinders rum, a glass and a personalised engraved wooden case featuring your design, name and/or text of choice. View all Peaky Blinders gift sets >>

Bacardi Carta Blanca rum with a personalised Label

If you know someone who loves Bacardi rum and would like to surprise them with their very own personalised gift, we offer a personalised bottle of Bacardi Carta Blanca rum that will leave the recipient speechless! This Bacardi gift allows you to personalise the label with the name or text of your choice in classic Bacardi style. After completing your design and adding the gift to your shopping basket, you can choose to add an additional wooden case to complete your gift. This personalised bottle of rum also comes in a larger size, with a full litre for the recipient to enjoy.