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If you're looking for the perfect gift for a soon-to-be 60-year-old, surprise the birthday boy or girl with an extra special personalised gift. All of our 60th birthday gifts can be personalised with a photo, name and/or text. 

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60th birthday gifts for men and women

Is one of your loved ones turning 60? The years fly by, but we shouldn't let this special birthday go by without celebrating! It's a special age, which means it requires a special gift. Surprise the (soon-to-be) 60-year-old with a truly unique gift. All our gifts can be personalised with the photo, name and/or text of your choice!

60th birthday? Discover our best gift ideas

Looking for a gift for someone who is turning 60 and celebrating their birthday soon? If a bunch of flowers and a card just won't cut it this year, surprise the 60-year-old with a special breakfast, served up on a personalised serving tray! Choose one of our fun designs and upload a photo of the birthday boy or girl. A practical gift that can be used time and time again, and saves you having to wrap your gift, too! If they're more of an evening person, surprise them with a cosy evening in with their favourite movie and snacks. Serve up the delicious snacks on a personalised wooden serving platter, or go for a personalised cheese board.

60th birthday gifts

Choosing a birthday present is always tricky, especially a birthday present for someone turning 60. You don't want to arrive with a standard gift card, so this year buy something different! A perfect surprise is our hinged photo frame to which you add your own photos and a sweet message. A photo says more than a thousand words, so this is sure to go down a treat. If you'd rather give a slightly smaller gift, a personalised vanilla-scented candle is also fun to give. Simply take a look at our wide variety of gifts and create your perfect personalised present.

60th birthday gifts for him

Will your father turn 60 soon? Or perhaps your uncle will get to blow out 60 candles? Or is it your grandfather who is turning 60? Whichever man in your life reaches this special age, you will always find a great gift at YourSurprise. How about a leather apron with the birthday boy's name engraved on it? Cool for behind the barbecue or in the kitchen. For 60-year-olds who enjoy a drink from time to time, it's fun to give them their favourite drink in a personalised box, adding a special touch to the birthday toast! Grandparents almost always love their grandchildren, so a great tip for a grandpa turning 60 is to give him a gift featuring a photo of their grandchild or grandchildren, such as a doormat with a photo of the grandchildren, or a cool photo printed on wood for on his wall.

60th birthday gifts for her

Looking for a gift for your mother or grandmother who's turning 60? We know just how to surprise her! Mums and grandmas can never get enough of photos of their (grand)child(ren), so choose a present for (this soon-to-be) 60-year-old that features a photo of their (grand)children on it! A mug or cappuccino cup. A photo clock. A personalised photo doormat.. the possibilities are endless! What are you waiting for? Gather your best photos and start creating your gift! Can't decide which photo to use? Create a photo album using all the photos and give it as a gift. For 60-year-old ladies who love a cup of tea, you can have glass mugs engraved with the name of your choice and a sweet design. Drinking tea is much more enjoyable from your own glass mug! You know what makes it even more fun? Enjoying your cuppa while sitting under your very own blanket. So if you want to go all out on the gift, personalise a lovely fleece blanket with your favourite photo!

What is a good 60th birthday gift for mum?

If your mother is turning 60 and you want to celebrate her a little extra, a personalised gift is the best thing you can give her. Whether she enjoys interior design, fashion, jewellery or cooking, we have a 60th birthday gift that you can personalise in our range. Choose a pendant and engrave it with her name and date as a reminder of her 60th birthday. If she has grandchildren, a personalised photo book is another 60th birthday gift mum will appreciate. Or maybe a mug with a nice photo of the two of you together?

Tips for 60th birthday gifts

Whether you want to give a serious or fun 60th birthday gift, you can find it in our selection. Some good tips on what would suit someone who, for example, likes to cook or who prefers to cosy up on the couch can be:

  • A kitchen apron with a photo
  • Personalised recipe book with all your favourite recipes
  • A personalised photo serving tray for coffee time
  • A cosy lamp with a name to put by your favourite armchair
  • A named wellness gift set for those who like to pamper themselves
  • Lovely personalised bathrobe with name for the spa enthusiast
  • Engraved tea box for the tea lover
  • Barbecue set in leather case for the grill master
  • Cocktail package with engraved glasses for the party animal
  • Chocolate pralines with photos for the sweet tooth

These are just a few tips on what to give to someone turning 60. It doesn't matter if it's a 60th birthday gift you can save, eat or drink. It will be extra special if you personalise it.

What is a great 60th birthday gift for dad?

A 60th birthday gift that can be made unique and personalised will always go down well with dad. You'll want to give a 60th birthday gift that Dad wants or that will remind him of the occasion. Usually a 60-year-old dad has everything he needs, so go all out and give something memorable. A personalised coffee mug with photos of you and him or a brandy glass with his name engraved on it for cold winter evenings in front of the fire is sure to be appreciated.

Some more tips for 60th birthday gifts

If you're giving someone a 60th birthday present, whether male or female, our best advice is to adapt it to the relationship you have. If it's someone you know well, you can definitely go for a fun 60th birthday present. Preferably something that alludes to your relationship and something fun you experienced together. Maybe you have a photo from a trip or from when you were kids? Choose a gift that suits the person and personalise it with the photo.

If the person is an acquaintance rather than a close friend, it may be better to give a more neutral gift but still make it unique. By engraving the person's name, it becomes a memory. A glass, a carafe or a bottle of any drink the celebrant likes is a good 60th birthday present. If a colleague is being celebrated, you can invest in something nice for work. Maybe a leather laptop case or a personalised pen.

A final tip is to give something that the person can use, whether it's a cosy fleece blanket with a photo for movie nights on the couch or a named thermos mug for the commute to work.

Creative 60th birthday gifts

Being creative when it comes to birthday gifts it’s not always easy.

Creativity is not a characteristic of everyone so some people might struggle a bit more. If you are one of these people: did you know that personalised gifts are the ultimate creative gift?

This way you can create creative 60th birthday gifts without much struggle! Simply add your own photo, design, text and/or name to our online editor and make now your gift.

Creative gifts include personalised chocolate, kitchen accessories, clothing, drinks and many more.