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Free message card with every gift

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All gifts personalised with photo/text

Each and every gift we create can be personalised with the photo and/or text of your choice, making it truly unique every time, for any occasion.

Surprise the vodka enthusiast in your life with a personalised vodka gift featuring the name, photo, logo and/or text of your choice.

Personalised vodka gifts

If you know someone who loves vodka and want to surprise them with an original vodka gift, YourSurprise offers various fantastic options for an unexpected gift to put a big smile on your loved one’s face.

A personalised bottle of vodka is not only a wonderful gift for those who love this particular drink, but is also a great gift for special occasions, such as a birthday, retirement or for business purposes.

What makes our selection of vodka gifts unique, apart from the delicious flavours, is the way they are presented. You can select the personalisation that best suits your needs based on the occasion and/or recipient, choosing from a printed wooden case, an engraved wooden case or an engraved glass.

Various personalised vodka gifts

We offer personalised vodka gift sets for 3 different brands of vodka:

  • Smirnoff vodka: With a full, fresh flavour and smooth aftertaste, Smirnoff vodka is great for cocktails or to be enjoyed neat. It has an alcohol content of 37.5% and is produced in England.
  • Grey Goose vodka: If you are looking for a vodka that is delicious both in cocktails and as a shot, Grey Goose vodka is the right choice. It has an alcohol content of 40% and is produced in France.
  • YourSurprise vodka: With a smooth and silky texture, our YourSurprise vodka is made in The Netherlands and has an alcohol content of 40%.

Once you have selected your brand, create your own design online and personalise your vodka gift set with a photo and/or text of your choice. We have ready-made designs available for any occasion, but you can insert one or more photos and create your own collage if you prefer.

Vodka gift with a personalised label

Our delicious YourSurprise vodka is not only available with a personalised wooden case, but also with a personalised label. You can have the label printed with the design of your choice from our editor, or choose to add one or more of your favourite photos, a name and/or text. This allows you to create the perfect gift for any special occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries and from retirements to business gifts. Tip: Serve YourSurprise vodka ice cold for the best flavour experience.

Vodka gift with a personalised engraved glass

In the West, it is customary to serve vodka in a small shot glass, ice cold but preferably without ice in the glass. If you know someone who prefers to enjoy a shot of vodka straight from the freezer, our YourSurprise vodka gift with a personalised engraved glass is the perfect gift! Simply select the gift set with the shot glass and add the name, date or text of your choice to be engraved. You can even add one of our decorative designs. We also offer our engraved shot glasses as a separate gift, so if you need more shot glasses simply add these to your shopping basket!

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The many ways to enjoy vodka

Did you know that traditionally, vodka is served neat, without ice? This spirit originated in Eastern Europe, but today it is produced all over the world and is served in various ways: in a shot glass, but also in cocktails such as the Bloody Mary or Sex on the Beach. From cocktails to shots, vodka is delicious in any form or flavour! YourSurprise personalised vodka suits all tastes and is a unique gift, on its own or combined with a glass or box of chocolate pralines.