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nique and original Valentine's day Gifts for him

They may not be very vocal about it, but men love to know they're being thought of, too. That's no different on Valentine's Day. Some men say they think it's nonsense to participate in Valentine's Day. But when you arrive with presents, you're bound to put a smile on their face every time. As well as surprising him with his favourite fragrance, there are thousands of other ways to surprise men in an original way, with a Valentine's Day gift for him.

Take a different approach this year. Work up to a gift throughout the day. Start the 14th of february with breakfast in bed and add a letter to the tray, without telling him what the letter is about or why he's getting it. The aim of this is to have him put together a word at the end of the day from letters you have given him throughout. The word that appears could then be, for example, the location of where you hid your Valentine's gift for your boyfriend. By giving him letters all day and not knowing what this is for, your sweetheart will get curious and be full of questions. When he's puzzled the word together and finds his gift, it will be a big surprise. This is a super simple method to give your Valentine's gift for him in an original way.

Long distance relationships? Then have your gift shipped to the address of your beloved one!

The best Valentine's day ideas for him

There are many other creative ways to show your love for your partner with a Valentine's Day gift. To give you some inspiration, we have some examples:

  • Go out to dinner at a romantic restaurant and give your gift when the dessert arrives
  • Give your Valentine's gift a day early so he doesn't see it coming
  • Put your gift in a balloon with confetti, so he has to pierce the balloon before he can reach his present

As well as a fun way to surprise him, you will also want him to be happy with his gift. Are you looking for an original Valentine's Day gift for him this year? Go for a personalised Valentine's Day gift featuring your photo and text. Select your most romantic photos so he can enjoy your most beautiful moments every day.

Our favourite Valentine's Day gifts for men

We have listed our favourite Valentine's gifts for him that he'll love:

  • If he has a sweet tooth, give him his own personalised Toblerone bar - A golden oldie: give him a handwritten letter
  • If he loves cooking up a feast, surprise him with an engraved leather apron

Cheap Valentine's Day gift ideas for him

You want your Valentine's Day to be special. Seeing the person you love smile because of an unexpected gift is the best feeling, a happiness that leaves you speechless. You don't need as big a budget as you might think. There are so many cheap gift ideas for Valentine's Day with which you will surprise him.

The secret? Create a gift designed especially for your special someone, perhaps with a special thought behind it. Look at your favourite photos of you together, think of a sweet message and create the perfect surprise! Discover more fantastic Valentine's Day gift ideas.

The most original Valentine's Day gifts for him in 2024

You know your partner, boyfriend or husband better than anyone else. You have probably been together for years or at have least gotten to know each other day by day. If he is the affectionate type, he will certainly love receiving a romantic gift. If, on the other hand, romance is not in his nature, he might still appreciate an unexpected gift. It is not always easy to find the most suitable gift, but with something unique and original you are always on the safe side!

For example, one of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts for men is a gift to share with your special someone, an experience to remember together. If you have already had many experiences, a photo album could be a way to collect them all. If, on the other hand, you want to create new moments to remember together, surprise him or her with a personalised bag for a weekend away or a kitchen apron for that cooking course they so badly wanted to take.

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend but have run out of ideas? Here's a list of our favourites!

  • A kit for creating your own craft beer at home
  • A gift set of his favourite whisky
  • An engraved leather toiletry bag
  • A tasting set including 5 different beers
  • Cool boxer shorts customised with a photo
  • A leather bracelet featuring his name

Valentine's Day gift sets for him

One of the gifts always appreciated by men for Valentine's Day is a gift set, as it allows him to receive several smaller gifts in a cool personalised box. You can choose a wellness gift box with Axe products, for example, or a set of bath soaps. For those who like to enjoy a cold beer after a day at work, the choice can fall on beer tasting sets. For an even more elegant gift, you can't go wrong with personalised champagne. Among the drinks you can choose from a wide selection of liqueurs and bitters in personalised packaging. New this year is a personalised gift set with snacks and drinks, including glasses engraved with a name.

Which affordable Valentine's Day gifts for men are available?

Valentine's Day is a celebration of love. While it's not necessary to surprise your special someone on this day, impressing him with a gift can be the perfect way to express your affection. If your budget is a bit tight, the good news is that you can find affordable gifts for every budget here at YourSurprise! Some affordable Valentine's gifts for a man are:

  • A leather key ring with a photo
  • A personalised water bottle
  • An engraved beer glass
  • A thermos mug with a photo
  • A beer or wine opener

What are some luxurious Valentine's Day gifts for him?

Valentine's Day gifts don't have to be all about chocolates and roses. For the man in your life who enjoys the finer things, gifting something more luxurious might be the way to go. These deluxe items are not only practical and of high quality, they will also show him just how special he is to you. Some ideas? An engraved wooden watch featuring his name; a bottle of his favourite spirit in a wooden case; an engraved leather bracelet; a cocktail gift set.

Which experience gifts are there as Valentine's Day gifts for him?

Choosing the perfect gift for him on Valentine's Day doesn't necessarily mean opting only for material things. Sometimes, the most meaningful, unforgettable gifts are experiences, memories that you can both look back on for a lifetime. Here are some exciting, unique experience gifts for the special man in your life:

  1. A wine tasting experience: Organise a wine tasting experience at home with unique engraved glasses
  2. A weekend getaway: Plan a surprise weekend trip to a place he's always wanted to visit. Reveal the news by gifting him a personalised travel bag!
  3. An elegant dinner at home: Whip up his favourite dishes and finish off with a delectable dessert. Decorate the table with engraved glasses and personalised napkins featuring your initials.
  4. A cooking class: If he enjoys cooking, then a culinary class from a professional is a great gift. He can learn new techniques, recipes and enjoy the fruits of his labour. Don't forget to make him a custom apron for the occasion!

What are some funny Valentine's gifts for him?

Valentine's Day is an event dedicated to celebrating love. Despite it being a romantic occasion, injecting a dose of humour with some funny Valentine's Day gifts for him can give the day a great sense of fun. A funny gift can also become a cherished memory. Some funny Valentine's Day gifts for a man are: personalised underwear (for example boxer shorts or socks featuring a photo); a cuddly toy personalised with his face; a custom bucket hat; a photo tie; personalised slippers or a printed balloon.

3 best Valentine's Day gift tips for a man

Choosing the perfect Valentine's Day gift for man can be a tricky task. It's a day to express your love, and a thoughtful gift can speak volumes. Whether he’s a gadget geek, a style enthusiast, or someone who appreciates simple yet sentimental gifts, the following three gift ideas could make your Valentine's Day an unforgettable one.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for men who enjoy travelling

If your man loves to travel he might appreciate a travel journal, a personalised backpack, a notebook, a brand new leather wallet or a fancy leather luggage tag.

Valentine's Day gifts for men who love to cook

If he loves to spend time in the kitchen, why not surprise him with a new kitchen accessory featuring his name? Some popular kitchen tools are: bbq sets and tools; chopping boards; bamboo kitchen tools; engraved salt and pepper grinder; engraved stainless steel wine cooler and many more!

Valentine's Day gift ideas for husband

If he’s the romantic type, go for a gift that’ll warm his heart. How about gifting him a collection of romantic memories in the form of a photo album, a box with photo prints, a canvas print, decorative photo tile, printed photo frames, heart-shaped chocolates or a custom cushion or pillow?

The best-selling Valentine's Day gift for men is a classic: chocolate! This can come in a variety of shapes, but the latest trend is to personalise your own Valentine's Day chocolate, with a photo, a text or a name. From giant chocolate bars to heart-shaped chocolates, there’s a chocolate gift to suit every man!

Small tokens also make popular gifts: personalised mugs, cute teddy bears, photo socks and personalised photo frames.

Among the latest trends is the possibility to craft your own beer at home or a personalised wooden case with a bottle of spirits, wine or beer.

Gifting your Valentine something truly special can make his day a memorable one. Your thought and consideration behind these gifts will elevate the celebration, making it a V Day he'll cherish for years to come. Shop now all your personalised Valentine's day gifts!