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Looking to surprise a colleague with a special gift? Whether you're on the hunt for leaving gifts for colleagues or a thank you gift, here at YourSurprise you will find a wide range of personalised gifts for colleagues. Make the gift for your colleague extra special by adding a personal message or photo.

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Surprise your colleague(s) with a unique gift for work colleagues

Colleagues are some of the people you spend most time with during your daily life. For better or for worse, you have to stick together and navigate the difficulties of the job. But, if you are lucky, you will also create long lasting bonds to be cherished for many many years. That's why, at some point, you might have to look for a gift to surprise your colleague with. A gift for a colleague celebrating a birthday? Or perhaps the time has come and your colleague is parting ways with the company, so you’re in need of great leaving gifts for colleagues? We have a selection of gifts for colleagues ideas to help you find the best gift for colleague for any occasion.

Leaving gifts for colleagues

It's always sad when a great colleague leaves the company, but you also know that probably your lovely colleague is heading to a better opportunity or life change. How exciting! A leaving gift for a colleague is a nice way to show how much they mean to you and how much you are going to miss them. But it's also a wish for their new journey.

If you spend years and long work hours together you probably have the goodbye gift already in mind, but if this is not the case, why don't you ask her family or friends? They can help you find the best gift for a colleague out there!

Some of the most appreciated leaving presents for colleagues are the ones that recall the best memories in the company. For example you can create a mouse mat or a laptop sleeve with the photo of all colleagues, a little gift that will remind them of the new job. Or you can also create a basket and fill it with little gifts, each of one chosen by one of the colleagues.

How much should I spend on gifts for work colleagues?

When buying a gift for a colleague there is no fixed rule on how much to spend. It certainly depends on several factors, such as the occasion, the relationship you have with your colleague and also the budget of the participants.

Obviously nobody expects you to spend a fortune, especially since it can often happen that you have to buy a gift for a colleague. Often you decide to create a collection together with the rest of your colleagues. Even just putting in a few euros each can result in a meaningful gift for the colleague. If you are organising a gift for a colleague, you can also collect the sum by asking everyone to make a free offer, in this way everyone will participate with the amount they consider appropriate.Of course, the success of the gift is not linked to how much you will spend to buy it, but to the thought behind it.

Lower budget gifts that your colleague will love

There are many gift ideas for colleagues even on a tight budget. Have you managed to work out the budget but don't know what gift will fit the bill? We have collected some gift ideas for colleagues under 20€:

  • A mug with a funny picture and a special greeting
  • A bottle of wine with a personalised label
  • A box of delicious chocolates
  • A gift box of candies
  • A personalised wooden greeting card

Thank you gift for a colleague

Colleagues are the ones that help you go through rough times during work and the ones you can have a good laugh with. Maybe they helped you deliver a difficult task or perhaps they were just there when you needed them the most. If you want to thank them and you are looking for a small thank you gift to say how much you appreciate them, why don’t you create a personalised gift? It can be something small: a card with a thank you note; a box of chocolates; a scented candle… Check also our retirement gifts to surprise your colleague heading to the pension!

Gifts for colleagues who love to travel

Is your colleague always looking forward to the holidays to embark on the next big voyage of discovery around the world? Then a themed gift is just what he needs to support his adventurous spirit!

For colleagues who love to travel, you might consider giving them a travel diary to fill with all their holiday memories. Alternatively, create a personalised luggage tag, so your colleague never loses their suitcase at the airport again, or a water bottle, perfect for staying hydrated when travelling.

If you have a bigger budget, opt for a customised suitcase with a unique design.

Gifts for foodie colleagues

Who doesn't love food? Is your colleague the sweetest person you know? The search for a gift for a colleague is over! We at YourSurprise have a wide selection of tasty gifts: from chocolate to candy for those with a sweet tooth; to savoury snacks and drinks; there's something for everyone!

You can also choose a package with drinks, snacks and a unique personalised gift, for a truly complete gift. For the colleague who loves chocolate, why not choose a giant chocolate bar? That way he can never have enough!

A gift for a colleague that had a baby

The arrival of a baby is always sweet news! It will often happen that one of your colleagues may at some point temporarily leave work to welcome a new life into his or her own. To celebrate the happy news, it is always a good idea to give a gift to the colleague who is going on maternity or paternity leave.

You can buy a gift for the new baby on the way or a gift for the mother or father-to-be.

Alternatively, you can opt to combine both. A very popular gift is the personalised gift basket with presents for the baby and the parents-to-be. Any ideas? A personalised bodysuit with the baby's name, baby accessories such as towels and dummies; but also a bottle of wine and chocolates for the parents and anything else they might need to 'survive' the excitement and stress of a new baby on the way!

Christmas gifts for colleagues

Christmas is finally the time to have some rest and spend time at home with the family (if your job allows it). It's also the time of Christmas parties in the office or dinner out with colleagues to exchange Christmas wishes before the holidays. Giving a gift is not mandatory in this situation, but if you created a special bond with some of your colleagues it might be nice to give them a small token of appreciation. Check out all our Christmas gifts and find the best Christmas gift for a colleague!