Yalumba Barossa Bush Grenache


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A delicious bottle Yalumba Barossa Bush Grenache red wine in a personalised case!

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More information about this wine:
Name: Yalumba Barossa Bush Vine Grenache
Country of origin: Australia
Type of wine: Red wine
Grape: 100% Grenache, 70 year old Bush Vine vines
Characteristics: A prominent wine of the Australian bush!

A wine coming from grape vines as old as these has a story to tell from a long time ago. This translates itself in a deep red colour with a purple lining, mixed with the aromas of herbs, pepper, black fruits and bramble. A rustic wine, tough and rural like the country itself.

A flavoursome suggestion
If we look at the country itself, we see a fine combination of meat and wild game. Or it can be enjoyed whilst relaxing with a nice glass of wine and a fine cheese from the countryside.

About this wine
Australia is what we may call a ‘young’ country, but don’t be mistaken because this wine was ‘founded’ in 1849, when the British Samuel Smith decided to go big and bought at least 30 acres of ground and planted his first grapes.

Samuel called his land ‘Yalumba’, that means so much as ‘all the land around’ in the Aboriginal language. Six generations onward and more than 160 year later, the Yalumba winery is the oldest wine company in Australia and has grown out to be one of the bigger names considering status and quality.
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