Le Chapitre & Chablis Premier Cru


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Surprise someone with a lovely French wine selection with a personalised label as a gift!

Surprise your best friends, partner, parents or (business) relations with two lovely bottles of top quality wine in a beautiful wooden case, with a free gift card! Make your gift extra special by creating a unique and personal photo label. Personalise your label with photo, logo or text in our user friendly photo-editor!

An important advantage about our selection is that you can order an individual bottle of wine, with or without a personal photo label. This way you can discover the delights and quality of our different wines, without the obligation of having to buy a full box. Truly surprise with two bottles of delicious wine!
More information about the wines:

About the Pinot Noir Le Chapitre:
Name: Bourgogne Pinot Noir Le Chapitre
Country of origin: France
Type of wine: Red wine
Grape: 100% Pinot Noir
Characteristics: A potent red wine from with a fresh taste.

This ruby coloured wine is filled with the intense aromas of fresh fruit with a delicious bouquet. The taste of this wine is fresh and powerful. The wine is traditionally prepared in ca. 20 days, followed by a ripening process of at least 16 months. That way the wine can obtain it’s specific qualities.

A flavoursome suggestion
This wine is best served at about 18 °C in combination with white meats, poultry, red meats and rich creamy cheeses.

About the Chablis Premier Cru:
Name: Domaine Mosnier Chablis Premier Cru
Country of origin: France
Type of wine: White wine
Grape: 100% Chardonnay
Characteristics: A gastronomically terrific wine!

A fresh tasting wine, the acids and minerals are in perfect balance with each other. This wine comes from a couple of small vineyards in Beine and Chablis (Poinchy). The wine obtains it’s superior quality from the exceptional structure of the ground in the vineyards, in combination with a traditional and controlled growth, harvest and ripening process.

A flavoursome suggestion
This top of the range wine goes well with oysters, mussels and practically any other seafood. A perfect combination, especially if the wine is served slightly less chilled than customary.

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