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All gifts personalised with photo/text

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A selection of personalised water bottles with the photo or text of your choice. Create your own water bottles to store your favourite hot and cold drinks.

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Personalised water bottles for adults, children and sport

Stay hydrated in style with our fabulous range of personalised water bottles! These eye-catching, eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic bottles are not only better for the environment, but also make a unique statement about your personality. Customise your water bottle with your name, initials, or favourite quote and never lose track of it again.

Our personalised water bottles are suitable for cold and hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and, of course, water to get you through the day and never get thirsty.

Would you like to create a handy water bottle or thermos flask? Or would you like to give your child a beaker to take to school featuring their very own photo or name? Simply design your water bottle, travel mug or beaker online! You can choose from various types of bottles, thermos, flasks and beakers.

A selection of Personalised water bottles

Plenty of water bottles in our assortment are perfect for sports and workout sessions. The bottles are made of strong aluminium, making them nice and sturdy. The bottles all have a cap that protects the mouthpiece. Simply unscrew the cap to refill the bottle. The capacity of the bottles is between 320 and 750 ml, more than enough to last a while! Select a cool design in our editor, upload a photo or add a name to create a unique water bottle in no time.

Our selection of customised water bottles includes water bottles for adults, children, as well as aluminium water bottles. You can choose between two colours: white and metal and customise your bottle with a photo, name and/or text. We also have some theme water bottles available, such as Ollimania or a bottle for Father's day.

What personalised water bottle to choose from?

With YourSurprise you can choose between a selection of different bottles, each for different uses and necessities.

Our personalised kids water bottles are suited for young children that go to school and often forget to drink during the day. With their colorful design and playful shape, the bottles are available in blue and pink. This water bottle has a capacity of 320ml. The lid with fun bear's ears can be unscrewed with a handy loop, this makes it easy to fill. Choose from fun designs featuring a flamingo, a fox, a koala bear, a lion, a whale or any of the other sweet designs. Upload your child's favourite photo and add his or her name to create a unique mug for school. Ideal if your child often loses their beaker; the owner can be found in no time!

Personalised insulated water bottles are perfect for outdoor activities or for people always on the go. The cap of the bottle is easy to open but also waterproof, making it the perfect bottle to carry around in the bag or in a backpack.

A personalised metal water bottle keeps the drinks at the right temperature for long periods of time. The metal water bottle holds 500ml of liquid. The beverages keep cool for 24 hour and keep warm for 12 hours.

Hit the gym with a personalised gym bottle, with the capacity of 750ml for both hot or cold beverages. It comes with a practical cap with spout, to move your drink around easily.

If you're going on the road for a while and want to take a nice hot or cold drink with you, you'll need a handy thermos mug. The thermos mug has a sliding lid with which you can open the mug and drink from it. When you are finished, simply close the sliding lid. The bottle is made of white aluminium and has a black handle. The thermos mug will keep your hot drink warm for up to 6 hours, long enough for that train journey or car ride! You can rinse the thermos mug by hand. We would advise against washing the thermos mug in the dishwasher, to keep the print perfect. The thermos mug can be personalised with the name, photo and/or text of your choice.

Design your own customised water bottle: Tips and Tricks for a stunning design

In our online editor, you will find various fun designs with which you can personalise your water bottle. Choose from a print featuring flowers, leaves, tigers, oranges or one of our many other cool designs. You can add your name and photo to our designs to create your own unique personalised water bottle. All our water bottles can be customised with:

  • Name or text
  • Photo or selection of photos
  • A design from our editor or your own design
  • Logo from your company for business gifts

Of course you can also combine more elements together. For example choose a design, add your photo in it and a name and the water bottle is ready!

Your own personalised mug, bottle or flask in no time at all

Creating your own mug, water bottle or thermos online is easy. Simply choose the product you wish to personalise and start up the editor. Select one of our lovely designs, upload your photo and add a name or text. No minimum order quantity and ready in no time at all. If you are looking for a gift, choose the address of the receiver

Personalised water bottles adorned with your company's logo not only serve as a functional and eco-friendly hydration solution, but also act as a brilliant marketing tool. Water bottles with a logo work well as merchandise, gifts for partners, as part of an employee welcome kit or for promotional campaigns. A logo-emblazoned water bottle can make a lasting impression!

In conclusion, personalised water bottles are not only a stylish and functional accessory, but they also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Embrace your uniqueness and make a statement with a customised water bottle, all while staying hydrated and reducing plastic waste. There's never been a better time to invest in a personalised water bottle or gift someone with one! Choose YourSurprise and find a personalised water bottle for a child, adult or occasion!