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Delivered straight to the recipient's address
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Each gift personalised with photo and/or text
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5 fantastic gift wrapping tips

5 fantastic gift wrapping tips

When we buy a gift for a special occasion, we often forget to think about how we want to wrap it. Wrapping, however, is an important part of gift-giving, as the right wrapping can take your gift to new heights, making it extra festive.
There are many different ways to wrap your gift and we've listed 5 of our favourites for you below!

Tip #1: Start with great wrapping paper

If you're not the best at wrapping gifts and often end up with ribbon everywhere except where you wanted it, go for unique personalised wrapping paper. Add the photo of your choice and one of our many beautiful designs. This is an easy way to make a big impact with little effort and avoid having to use gift labels.
Extra tip: If your gift has an awkward shape, making it more difficult to wrap, place it in a cardboard box and wrap that up, or place it inside a gift bag.
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Tip #2: Original extra touches

Your gift is looking great, wrapped and ribboned. But why not add another fun touch? A Polaroid photo print, some dried flowers and/or a sprig of your favourite plant can take your gift to the next level and make it sensational. Simply select your favourite photos, create your Polaroid prints and attach them to your gift(s) using ribbon, sticky tape or just by sliding it them under the ribbon. The recipient will love it!
Create your very own personalised Polaroid prints >

Tip #3: Don't forget the card!

Every gift needs a card to go with it. The card allows you to convey your personal message to the recipient, telling them why you wanted to surprise them or why you went for this particular gift. Don't underestimate the power of a card. The words are important, so why not take the time to put in that last bit of effort to add the perfect finishing touch?
Extra tip: Create a personalised card using a photo of a fun memory you share!
Create your very own personalised greeting card >

Tip #4: Use your imagination!

Surprising someone is always lots of fun, so let your imagination run wild! A gift doesn't have to be wrapped with wrapping paper. Why not use a piece of fabric or a newspaper? Add original decorations, for example buttons, ribbons or other small objects you can find around your home!

Tip #5: Take your time

Taking your time to wrap your gift is essential; don't rush! Your care and attention will allow your gift to look its very best.

More handy gift wrapping tips

If you're still not quite sure how to go about wrapping your gift, we have a few more tips to help you along;

  1. Remove the price tag: This tip may seem unnecessary, but we've all been on the receiving end of a gift with the price tag left on at least once. Definitely avoid!
  2. Don't use too much sticky tape: There are plenty of other ways to wrap your gift, so don't go overboard on the sticky tape. This just makes it more difficult to unwrap and can ruin the aesthetic of your gift.
  3. Measure your wrapping paper: You'll need the right amount of wrapping paper to properly wrap your gift. Too little is a no-no, but so is too much, as this makes for a bulky gift. Check that your wrapping paper is the right size before starting.